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saya pernah mencoba membuat situs jejaring sosial gratisan seperti http://cintagembell.wall.fm/ ya lumayan buat cari pengalaman belajar bloging dari pada gak ada ide-ide menarik lain nya ahirnya saya pun mencoba segala hal untuk saya terapkan di dalam diri pribadi, siapa sich yang gk mau sukses pasti semua orang memiliki keinginan seperti itu, yang pertama yang harus … Baca lebih lanjut

  • builders manufactures hardware handyman tools based on current national standards set by the builders in dire need of equipment that can help him in doing his job All this activity comes with the help of tools and equipment, which is usually referred to as hardware builders. Handymax hardware does not consist of specially designed tools and equipment; it's just a collection of tools and equipment used by electricians, plumbers, and construction workers A number of manufacturers producing hardware tools handyman based national standard is currently defined by American society for testing and materials (ASTM). Handymax hardware appliance may include pliers, screwdrivers, knives, scissors, bolt cutters, cable cutters, and hammers. Accessories carrying bag is made ​​from a combination of cotton cloth, leather, and other powerful ingredients to make it durable. Household users should ensure that the tools builders hardware they buy is produced in accordance with standard quality specifications. It is necessary to use the tool builders hardware is technically correct, since improper handling can damage the equipment and tools are handled. People can take help from handyman guidebooks or magazines to learn the correct use of hardware tools handyman.
  • Your Script Now the very first thing you should do is, turn off your T.V., and think about a short story idea. Something simple, that you could do. Always start off with making a short films, It's a must if you're just starting off. Think about your locations, and write inside of what you have. Example: If you own a boat, maybe you could do a short film, located on your boat. Never write something in your script that you don't have, or don't have access to easily. It sounds easy, and simple, but it's something that you need to think about. I didn't think about it in my first film. I had a scene that I needed a evil lab, with no lab. This brings me to my next point. Never write a film with 50 actors, if you only have 3 actors. It again sounds simple, but can often, bite you in the ass. Now that you know your limits, your asking how do I come up with an idea? What I like to do is, I take a notepad out, and I think of events that happened in my life, that were either funny, upsetting, scary, anything that could be a good story. You would be surprised of what comes out, on that piece of paper, after awhile. Now lets say you live in a hole, and can't think of any good memories. Do not fear my friend, you can still come up with a great story idea. What I like to do, is write down anything at all that comes into my head, even if it sounds totally silly, or stupid. Fill at least one page, then look at what you have. I bet 30% of what you put on that paper is a great idea for a short film. Don't believe me? I'll show you. I'm going to write down the first 10 things that come to my head. Paper Cut Apple Computers Kids on Playground Farmers Fighting Lost Hockey Puck Kids Eating Sugar Fat Bully Old Man Farting Car Crash Raining Fire. Now that I did that, lets look at it. I can already see story ideas. Lets say my story is using a combo of number 3. Kids on Playground, and number 7. Fat Bully. The next step, is to write it. But before that, let me talk to you about story telling. Every short film have a beginning, middle, and end. You need to have a reason why we care about your character. Lets say we use my Kids on the playground, and there being a fat bully. We need to care about the kid getting bullied, and he needs to have a goal. Lets say his goal is to ask a girl, out on a date, but he is to shy. That would work out well because, we could use the bully as something that gets in our characters way, of completing his goal. boom! We have a story. It's as easy as that. Now to write the script, I recommend using a script writing program. Download Celtx online, it's completely free! And works very well. If you want to spend some money, then I recommend Final Draft, but if you're like most people starting out, then why not use something free! So here is a quick recap of what we learned so far. Write within your boundaries. (Locations, Actors, Props, est..) Write down possible story ideas from your personal memory. That doesn't work, write a page full of things that come up in your mind, and 30% of that page will be good ideas for your short film. Make us care about the character, and have a beginning middle, and end. Download Celtx, to write your script, for free!
  • When Captain Cook landed on what he called the Sandwich Islands, of course, more came. Explorers, artists, and anthropologists alike began their voyages to this paradise. The Hawaiians accepted these pale visitors with open arms and respect, for this was and is the Hawaiian way. These new people brought with them new things and ideals and the native people embraced them. Sandalwood became huge in the trade industry and the demand for it put many of the native villages to work. This and other more modern things replaced time for spiritual matters. These things were then "Hawaiianized" and used in their everyday lives. It was the death of the first great king which brought down the taboo system and displaced the very reason to hula. His successor King Kamehameha II abolished the taboo system and ordered all idols destroyed after watching the European and American sailors break every taboo and go unpunished. Hula, the beloved dance for the gods, was banned along with these. He may have done this because he saw these other gods as more merciful than the Hawaiian deities. The Hawaiians had everything they knew ripped out from under them in a manner of months, by the time the Calvinist missionaries arrived in 1820 the people were ready for a new system. When the missionaries arrived they saw near naked natives dancing and wiggling their backsides in a very sexual manner, therefore the hula was considered to be lewd and their policy was to forbid anything they considered heathenish. They considered them to be poor lost people in need of guidance. The missionaries have provided us with the most detailed and accurate descriptions of the ancient Hawaiian hula, even if they were also the most judgmental and ethnocentric. The hula is accused of being noisy, unharmonious, and used to promote lasciviousness. The native religion was far from dead and the Christians were met with much opposition. The people of Hawaii were not quite ready to give up their heritage, but in 1825 Queen Ka'ahumanu gave in to Christianity. She banned the chanting of the mele and hired spies to seek out those that disobeyed. Hawaiians were enrolled into Christian schools where the native language was discouraged and the music was altered when they were taught the notion of melody and harmony. Two years after putting the bans in place Ka'ahumanu died and hula began a revival. It was permitted to dance on important occasion and for visitors. There were also sailors who wanted to see the dance, once again it was the sexy dance that was given reward and described as "hootchy kootchy." In 1851 the Calvinists went to the government. They had laws passed that implied the need for a license to perform the hula publicly and heavy fine as an accompanying punishment. This drove hula once again out of the public eye because most groups could not afford the licensing fees. The gold rush sent many Hawaiians packing to California and they took their precious hula with them. Traveling shows were formed and the hula was taken on the road. Back on the islands the next two kings, Kamehameha III and IV supported the revival of their culture. This didn't last for long, though. Under the rule of Kamehameha V the missionaries wrote a document loudly proclaiming the indecency of the dance. Throughout the 1860's the media and public were set fast against the hula. Even people of Hawaiian descent who had adopted a Christian outlook were in opposition. From this point forward the reputation of this sacred dance was forever tarnished.
  • Some of the discussions that I have with my clients have a very general theme, that is, it's a discussion I have with lots of different clients. There are several women that come to me for a session and through our conversations it becomes very clear to me that they are at the bottom of a very large pile, sometimes their position is self imposed! Busy running around making sure that their children get to all their extra curricular activities, ensuring that their nutritional needs are carefully thought through a healthy balanced diet, that they have a school/life balance and are generally happy. Husbands and partners get slightly less attention but room is made without question that they play golf/rugby/have a boy's night out. In fact, often, where there are children, they don't even have to check who will look after the children...they can just go out, because that is what they do on a Thursday night. There sometimes isn't even a discussion about childcare! Why is it then that women find it so difficult to make time for themselves? When asked, it's always the same kinds of responses...and it always involves the needs of the children, the partner or the parents even. So I have decided that the best way to change this habit of neglect, working on the premise that it takes 21 days to change a habit, that everyday, the goal is to make an appointment with yourself. Start off with 15 minutes, if that is all you can manage. Whether you take this at lunchtime, first thing in the morning before everyone wakes up or in the evening...its your time. It is unquestionably your time. You and all those around you, by day 21, will become used to the idea that you are worthy of your self-appointment time. Why is it important to make space for ourselves? Because aside from anything else, when we don't do this, we are saying we are unimportant and we are teaching those around us the concept of inequality. We are saying that some people in the family/society are more important than others. Teaching those around us that we are all important is a good life skill for our children and for society as a whole. The actual personal benefits of doing this are so we are able to replenish, rejuvenate and process our thoughts enabling us to make sure that we can be intuitive to our needs. This in turn means that we feel better about ourselves, we are more likely to focus on eating well and our general sense of well being will improve. My favourite me time activities are swimming, reading and walking. So whatever it is that makes you feel more centred, book it in. Book an appointment with yourself...go on.